The achieved results during the past year have meant a return of 13.4 million euros for Spanish entities and 9.3 million for organizations that belong to Aragon, increasing the client portfolio by 270


CIRCE Technology Center continues on the path of growth and closes the 2021 financial year with revenues of 13.1 million euros, of which 4.9 million (+21%) derive from projects with companies and 8.2 million (+22%) are related to the return achieved from competitive funds. With this, CIRCE has grown by more than 21% in 2021 compared to the previous year, due to the greater impact achieved thanks to its work of technology transfer to the business fabric.

The European projects launched by CIRCE over the past year have managed to mobilize large investments that have been aimed at improving the competitiveness of the companies that collaborate with the technology center. In total, it has meant a return of 13.4 million for Spanish entities and 9.3 million for organizations from Aragon that have participated together with CIRCE in these R+D+i projects.

The achieved return to carry out these projects has amounted to 7.2 million euros, of which 5.9 million correspond to financing from the most prestigious program of the European Union, the new Horizon Europe, through 11 research projects, 3 of them coordinated; 1.2 million euros come from projects carried out with national funding and 71,000 euros from projects from other European programs.


Innovation aligned to the needs of the industry


All this research focused on the field of energy and sustainability has been aligned with the needs of the productive sectors, so continuing to grow has allowed CIRCE to ensure its mission of transferring technological solutions based on the needs of the industry and impact in a more interesting way through the R&D funds obtained from Europe. In this scenario, CIRCE has increased its client portfolio, reaching 270 in 2021, placing special emphasis on cutting-edge sectors such as energy communities or hybrid storage combined with renewable energy.

Among the lines of technology transfer developed over the past year, it is worth highlighting the H24NEWAGE project, financed in the Cervera call for Technology Centers, dedicated to research in the value chain of technologies linked to hydrogen; the development of microwave-assisted pyrolysis and gasification technologies applied to plastic recycling; the design and implementation of technologies to develop solid-state transformers; the demonstration of innovative rehabilitation and monitoring methodologies in sustainable building; and the analysis of the implementation of bio-based value chains.

CIRCE’s goal for 2022 is to ensure an acceleration of the energy transition and decarbonization of the industry through technology. Likewise, it is expected to exceed 7 million euros in return in the Horizon Europe program, to carry out innovative developments in areas such as the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic parks, the design and optimization of energy communities, in the circularity of urban solid waste and limiting nitrogen and phosphorous emissions.


The workforce has increased by 21% to reach 264 professionals with the aim of ensuring its mission of transferring technological solutions based on the needs of the business fabric


This positive balance has been possible, in large part, due to the growth of the CIRCE workforce, which reached 264 professionals at the end of last year, considering contract workers and personnel in training, 21% more than in 2020. Materializing the commitment to the professional development of its staff, the technology center promoted 210 training courses throughout 2021, which meant 9,400 hours of training.

Una mujer trabajando en uno de los laboratorios de CIRCE

At the same time, the entity launched the first edition of CIRCE Academy with 25 participants, a two-year program for young talents that allows them to train in a constantly growing technology center at the hands of professionals with extensive experience in the sector.

With the aim of reinforcing Corporate Social Responsibility, CIRCE went one step further, obtaining the RSA+ stamp promoted by the Government of Aragon and revalidating the Great Place To Work Spain certification, managing to position itself in 23rd place in the ranking of best companies from Spain to work with a number of employees between 250 and 500.