CIRCE obtains the Social Responsibility seal of Aragon CIRCE has collected the physical recognition at the annual gala where the RSA awards have been given, held in the Auditorium of Zaragoza.

The RSA seal is a recognition that the regional government grants to companies, self-employed, non-profit entities and all kinds of public and private organizations in the community that voluntarily implement and apply socially responsible practices based on various values.

The Social Responsibility Plan has been created on the basis of four concepts: awareness, commitment, training and transparency. To achieve this, CIRCE has joined the Government of Aragon’s CSR Plan after carrying out a self-diagnosis of its situation in this field and signing a commitment.

Obtaining this seal is a recognition of the work and effort of CIRCE during its more than 25 years of history to become a socially, economically and environmentally responsible entity. In this way, the achievement of this seal, and all that it entails, is only the beginning of a long road that CIRCE is committed to follow in order to achieve the common good of its workers, customers and, ultimately, its entire social environment.