The prestigious B5-PLUS test is capable of improving the leadership of people and human resources in organizations.

The CIRCE technology centre has piloted the prestigious B5-PLUS test in its adaptation to Spanish. This test constitutes an innovative tool, designed by the Norwegian company Human Content, capable of improving the leadership of people and human resources of companies, as well as the productivity and efficiency of employees.


After its launch in English, Norwegian and Swedish, the test has arrived in Spain by the hand of CIRCE, which continuously seeks new ways to promote technical excellence through personal excellence and the professional development of its workers. In this way, the employees of the technology centre have carried out the questionnaire that consists of 220 questions in online format and that studies five vital personality traits, as well as the strengths and weaknesses in relation to the requirements of the job.

Thomas Løvenskiold, co-founder of Human Content, visited CIRCE in order to get to know personally the facilities and workers of the centre that made it possible to adapt the tool to the Spanish market.

After the analysis of the results, derived from the employees of CIRCE and two other Spanish entities, it was possible to detect differentiating nuances from the rest of the countries that allow the questionnaire to be adapted in order to obtain more precise and quality information on the personality with a greater understanding of personal strengths and challenges.

After getting international organisations such as Diageo, Wärtsilä and Aker Solutions to add significant value by investing in the knowledge of their employees, this pilot has laid the foundations for replicating the model in Spanish organisations in order to improve their results through the professional and personal growth of their employees.

About Human Content

The company is a world leader in the knowledge of human characteristics in working life. Human Content maintains relationships and dialogue with recognized researchers in this field, such as Lewis Goldberg at the University of Oregon and John Johnson at Penn State.

About Thomas Løvenskiold

He graduated in engineering in Los Angeles in the 1980s. He has worked on health projects including cardiology, coagulation blood tests and expert systems for the primary health care sector in the USA, Spain, Italy and the Nordic countries.