As in the previous edition, it will have 100 hours to show all the technical and regulatory aspects necessary to analyze the quality of the network

CIRCE, given its extensive experience in R & D & I within the electricity sector, launches the second edition of this specialization course, which addresses the quality of electricity supply. It is intended to train specialist technicians, responding to the growing demand for specialized personnel in the evaluation of the parameters of the power grid.

This course delves into all the concepts related to the quality of the electric wave, as well as the main regulations that govern this sector. Among all of them, the course will focus on IEC Standard 61000‐4‐30, which defines the measurement procedures of each of the electrical parameters based on which the quality of the electricity supply is determined; IEC 61400, related to wind turbines, and their more specific parts on wave quality; Standard UNE-EN 50160, which defines the characteristics that the voltage supplied by a general BT and MT network must have; and others such as IEEE Std 1159: 2009 or IEEE 519: 2014.

In this way, students will deepen the behavior and quality of electricity production, acquiring the necessary knowledge to recognize and identify the main sources of failures, as well as to improve the reliability and security of supply, facilitating solutions to the risk situation which may mean the increasing incorporation of renewable energy into the electrical system.

The course has an eminently practical program lasting 100 hours and with the continuous advice and supervision by CIRCE researchers.

The course program is developed in 5 modules:

Introduction to quality of supply
Network Quality Parameters
Solutions and experience in network quality measures
Network quality regulations
Tools for measuring network quality

Course Features:

  • Date: From November 5 to December 16
  • Duration: 100 hours – Online