The technology center invites to participate in the issue with research contributions framed in the topic until August 31


The technology center CIRCE will lead a special issue on technologies related to renewable energies and environmental impact assessment in the ‘Sustainability’ journal. This special issue will be dedicated to provide the more recent advances in these technologies and, in general, all the fields related to the circular economy, as required in the framework of the intelligent industries 4.0.

This special issue aims to bring together the progress of research, case studies and practices aimed at reducing the associated impacts (economic, environmental, resource) attributed to renewable energy technologies. Relevant areas within the scope of this special issue include, but are not limited to: innovative technologies related to renewable energy, circular economy strategies and environmental issues assessed through innovative approaches.

The importance of focusing this special issue on this topic lies in the fact that the development of the sector, according to sustainable production approaches, has a minimum environmental impact and provides acceptable costs for society. This not only implies a minimum of measures related to the consumption of energy and materials to develop specific technologies, but also a proper management of waste and by-products involved in the entire production chain.

The coordination of this issue by CIRCE is based on two previous publications in the same journal developed in the framework of the European project “Blue Acid/Base Battery (BAoBaB)”. The first one was referred to the advances regarding the environmental impact of different types of batteries. The second one was focused on the environmental assessment of the manufacture of electrochemical energy storage devices to identify factors that drive the achievement of the objectives of sustainable materials 4.0. These are milestones that confirm the extensive expertise and knowledge of CIRCE technology center in the field of circular economy and industry 4.0.

Therefore, CIRCE is looking for researchers specialized in this area who are interested in contributing with an article to this special issue. The contributions, in the form of abstracts or provisional titles, can be submitted online (after registration, until August 31st) here.