CIRCE has worked on the report together with partners from the construction sector at regional and national level to update professional competencies in energy efficiency, renewable energy systems and almost zero energy consumption buildings

Construye2020+ project has created a roadmap to promote sustainable construction in Europe that aims to become a reference framework for the development and articulation of training offers. CIRCE, together with more than 70 experts from the construction sector in Spain, has participated in this report that, by applying the Fivefold Helix methodology, has addressed the training needs of the sector from the political, economic, social, Environmental and educational.

In the first six months of the project, nationwide but funded by the European Commission through the Horizon2020 program, six events have been organized, one for each propeller and one final. Specifically, CIRCE hosted the Environmental Helix on October 30 in Zaragoza, in which natural resources and the necessary measures to achieve sustainable development were discussed. After an analysis of the barriers, challenges and potential solutions, in February this year the consortium proposed initiatives to include in the road map in order to update the training priorities to achieve a more sustainable construction sector.

These initiatives were validated in a final event common to the five propellers in which 42 professionals from very different fields participated: teachers, public institutions, construction companies, researchers, social agents, association representatives, etc. The result of all this work is the strategic Roadmap for updating the training of the construction sector in energy efficiency, renewable energy and almost zero consumption buildings.

In this report, the Consortium of Construye2020 + presents ten priorities for training needs, eight awareness and dissemination actions and ten improvement recommendations aimed at different agents. Among them, is the identification of the strategic training of the professionals that the construction sector needs, the orientation of the design and review of the training according to environmental criteria and the valuation of work in the construction industry.

In addition to CIRCE, the Consortium of Construye2020 + is formed by the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences, the State Foundation for Employment Training, the National Institute of Qualifications and the Institute of Robotics and Information and Communication Technologies , all of them coordinated by the Labor Foundation of Construction. The next steps of the consortium will focus on the creation of two cross-cutting courses in energy efficiency aimed at operators and middle managers and the realization of ten workshops with companies.