The growing concern about the radiations surrounding us in our daily lives has led to the creation of a legislative framework aimed at reducing them and maintaining control over their potential impact on health and safety. Some of these radiations, such as magnetic fields, are typically encountered in electrical substations, transformer centers, transmission or distribution lines, and railway lines, among others. They become particularly critical when located in areas of public concurrence.

What does current regulation establish?

Therefore, ensuring that these electromagnetic fields do not exceed recommended levels and comply with current regulations, as required by the Government of Spain through Royal Decree 1066/2001 of September 28th, is essential. This is crucial for identifying potential risks, implementing mitigation measures to protect human health, extending equipment lifespan, and complying with existing regulations. It is necessary to ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations.

In this context, regulations establish limits, in accordance with European recommendations, for public exposure to electromagnetic fields from radioelectric emissions. The magnetic field limit is set at 100 microteslas (100 μT) for an industrial frequency of 50 Hz.

Do you need to calculate and simulate the magnetic field value?

One solution to this issue involves conducting a magnetic field study tailored to the needs of the installation. The most reliable way to do this efficiently and anticipate potential issues is to seek assistance from a specialized organization.

In this case, CIRCE assists companies with existing transformer centers, substations, or other electrical installations, as well as those in the project or construction phase, to calculate and simulate the magnetic field value. This allows us to propose mitigation measures if necessary.

CIRCE can expedite this process for companies with high, medium, and low voltage electrical installations thanks to our proprietary software for magnetic field simulation and calculation.

Do you need to ensure that the magnetic fields generated by your installation are within safe limits?