CIRCE and the Cátedra Cemex of Universidad de Zaragoza have organized a conference on circular economy and electronic materials recycling

Dr. Markus Reuter is the current Director of the Freiberg delegation of the Helmholtz Institute for Resource Technology, a prestigious German research center. In addition, it is an outstanding personality in the metallurgy, thermodynamics and circular economy sector, among other fields.

Next Thursday, Dr. Reuter will give at CIRCE the conference, “Digitalizing the Circular Economy: Design for Recycling of LED lamps and mobile phones”, where he will present the challenges facing the development of new technologies in terms of shortage of Materials and recyclability of critical components and real examples of how to overcome these limitations.

The day is jointly organized by CIRCE and the CEMEX Chair of the University of Zaragoza. Attendance is free, but given the limited number of seats requires prior confirmation at

The details of the event are described below:

  • Date: Thursday March 23
  • Time: from 5pm to 7pm
  • Place: CIRCE Building Energy Efficiency Room