The project has developed a catalogue of mature technologies and business models, organised training programmes for regional actors and built newbridges to facilitate collaboration between regions.


The bioeconomy is a sector in full development with great potential to promote rural development, a fossil-independent production system and quality employment. However, there are still some European regions that do not exploit the potential of their environment to create alternative sustainable products.

To help these regions to boost the transition towards bioeconomy and apply solid, sustainable and competitive strategies, the POWER4BIO project, led by CIRCE from Spain and funded with 3 million euros by the European Commission through the H2020 programme, launches a set of tools, instruments and guidance to develop and implement the most appropriate strategies and solutions for the development of their local bioeconomy.

These are the results of the intense work of 17 partners from Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium and Slovakia over more than two years and combine a catalogue of mature technologies and business models, the creation of regional bioeconomy centres, new bridges to facilitate collaboration between regions, capacity programmes for regional actors and the so-called Bioregional strategy Accelerator Toolkit.

The latter, defined and overseen by CIRCE, consists of a web-based tool that presents methodologies and roadmaps to guide regional decision-makers in making decisions regarding the revision or development of bioeconomy strategies. The tool also allows end-users to directly access and download the available roadmaps.

Final event and presentation of results

All final results of POWER4BIO project will be presented on 5 March at the Bioeconomy Innovation Week. This is online event organized by the project, will be held from 3 till 5 March, to nod to the potential of the Bioeconomies in Central and Eastern Europe. All project partners will participate in the event together with different key actors in the bioeconomy sectors (high-level policymakers, representatives of the European Commission and scientists). Among them, Ignacio Martín, project coordinator and researcher at CIRCE, will be in charge of presenting the Bioregional strategy Accelerator Toolkit, a further step towards the successful implementation of the bioeconomy in Europe.