CIRCE coordinates this H2020 project that will develop a platform for training in energy efficiency in SMEs related to the automotive industry

The E2DRIVER project starts engines with the objective of developing a platform for energy efficiency training of SMEs in the automotive sector. The launch meeting took place this month at the headquarters of the CIRCE Foundation in Zaragoza, project coordinator consisting of 12 partners from Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Belgium.

The main objective of the project, financed by the European Commission through the Horizon2020 program with almost 2 million euros, is that the business network be aware of the multiple benefits offered by energy audits and, in addition, provide the knowledge and information necessary to that the same companies are able to recognize and implement actions to save energy in their facilities.

This will be achieved through an active learning platform in energy audits that will include virtual reality content. In it, more than 100 measures related to energy efficiency will be proposed, of which at least 65 will be implemented. In this way, it is expected to achieve energy savings of 13 GWh / year, which represents about 2.5 million euros per year, thus avoiding the emission of 3.5 kilotonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

These measures will be tested in 40 companies in the sector, getting 60 professionals trained to be able to use the content of the platform themselves after the completion of the project within three years. Specifically, this novel methodology will be implemented in 12 pilot companies in Spain, France, Italy and Germany and replicated in another 28.

CIRCE leads the consortium formed by 12 companies and entities: Fraunhofer, Politecnico Di Torino, Eproplan, Sinergie, ENGIE, SERNAUTO, Automotive Engineering Network, MESAP, Mov’eo, EPC and Merit Consulting House. In addition to coordinating the entire project, CIRCE will participate both in the development of innovative training methodologies, and in the delivery of them in different SMEs in the automotive sector in Spain, working in contact with them and helping them in the implementation of measures Energy efficiency