CIRCE will be giving a talk on Monday 18 March about the outcome of the EV-OPTIMANAGER project in the energy storage sector

The project has given rise to new electric vehicle charging solutions that help estimate demand forecasts, manage consumption and store power for subsequent delivery.

The purpose of the talk is to show attendants the work involved in the project and explain how its achievements can actually be applied.

Here is a summary of the event details:
 Date and Time: Monday 18 March from 4 to 6 pm
• Venue: Room 2.06 inside the Betancourt Building on the Rio Ebro Campus (ACTUR)

• Speakers and Topics:

  • José Sanz, Unizar and CIRCE: Lessons learned from the SIRVE project and emergence of the EV OPTIMANAGER project
  • Gregorio Fernández, CIRCE: Optimal demand management using storage systems
  • Eduardo García, CIRCE: Developing a flexible and modular storage system to manage demand
  • Manuel Garín, URBENER: Demand management – A new source of consumer incomeTo attend the event, please sign up using this → FORM