CIRCE Foundation draws up a low-carbon transport plan following the success achieved in other cities such as Malaga

After the success achieved in the implementation of low carbon transport plans in seven European cities including Malaga, Lisbon and Ravenna, the LOCATIONS project replicates the model in Cadiz. Within the framework of this project, financed by the European Regional Development Fund of Interreg MED and led by Area Science Park, the technology centre Fundación CIRCE is developing a low-carbon transport plan in order to mitigate the impact that cruise ship-related traffic has on the city, improving the quality of life of the inhabitants and passengers.

The LOCATIONS project aims to develop tools to support local administrations in the development of low-carbon transport plans by designing specific measures to decongest cruise ship traffic and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the widespread use of innovative sustainable transport solutions. In order for the measures to reflect the demands of both the cruise tourist and the city’s residents, the institutions, cruise sector agents and citizens have collaborated in their preparation.

Within the framework of the project’s methodology, after carrying out a first phase of the participatory process in Cadiz at the beginning of April in which the main needs and expectations of the different sectors were collected, a diagnosis of the situation was made and the preparation of the low-carbon transport plan began.

The second round of the participatory process, which took place in mid-July, consisted of a joint session with the sectors that had contributed to the diagnosis, so that they could validate the proposals included in the plan at first hand. The result was very positive, as this session allowed a consensus to be reached on the approach to the measures proposed by CIRCE among those attending, including the Department of Tourism and the Cadiz Port Authority. As a result of this session, it was possible to include in the plan, several indications for the implementation of the measures, which from all sectors are considered necessary and appropriate for improving the sustainability of the mobility of the cruise tourist.

The next step will be to present the plan document to Cadiz City Council and the Port Authority. This plan will allow them to have at their disposal the list of measures proposed by CIRCE, within the framework of the LOCATIONS project, which can contribute to the sustainable mobility of the cruise tourist from the point of view of accessibility, contribution to the local economy and promotion of low carbon means of transport.