The action plan, developed in collaboration with the CIRCE technology center, encompasses projects in sustainable and intelligent mobility, renaturalization and circular economy, energy, and efficiency.

Zaragoza has been selected by the European Commission as one of the ‘100 Climate-Neutral Cities’, a recognition that positions it as a European benchmark for its sustainable mobility projects, energy efficiency initiatives, nature-based solutions, and circular economy efforts. By joining this prestigious list, the city opens itself to new European funds and avenues of financing, aiming to transform, hand in hand with Europe, into a hub of energy and sustainability experimentation and innovation.

The action plan presented in the candidacy, crafted with support from the CIRCE Technology Center, envisions projects based on four strategic pillars: sustainable and intelligent mobility, nature-based solutions, circular economy, energy, and efficiency. The proposal received a very positive response from citizens and regional entities, garnering nearly 120 letters of support from companies, financial institutions, universities, foundations, associations, professional bodies, and consumer groups, among others.

Among the specific projects that will be undertaken are the electrification of urban transport, the ‘Bosque de los Zaragozanos’ (Zaragoza’s Forest), the renaturalization of the Huerva River channel, an enhanced focus on waste recycling, the rehabilitation of 3,000 residences to reduce thermal consumption, and the promotion of renewable energy communities, including the development of solar neighborhoods and districts like the one initiated in Actur.

For CIRCE, it is an honor to have collaborated with all areas of the Zaragoza City Council involved in preparing this candidacy, whose selection marks the starting point for the development of new urban projects in the field of energy and sustainability”, explains David Rodríguez, Head of Public Programs at the center. 

With this new challenge on the horizon, Zaragoza will evolve into a focal point for sustainability and innovation attraction and investment, serving as a beacon to guide other European cities on the path towards future emission neutrality.