CIRCE owns the only laboratory accredited in Spain by ENAC (LME-CIRCE) with the join capacity to perform Electrical Calibrations and Power Quality tests with the maximum quality guarantees and excellence in the electric power distribution framework. CIRCE also provides customized measurement solutions in Smart Grids and wind turbines, as well as in the design and validation of algorithms for accurate and reliable Power Quality assessments.

  • Optimización de procesos productivos mediante eliminación de paradas
  • Alargamiento de la vida útil de activos mediante control de calidad de red
  • Control y mitigación de resonancias armónicas en el Punto de Conexión Común
  • Mitigación de disparos intempestivos de los elementos de protección en instalaciones eléctricas


  • Optimization

    of production processes by eliminating stops as a result of a bad power quality (short-term dips and Rapid Voltage Changes).

  • Extended

    lifespan of assets through an adequate control of the quality grid. This is of vital importance in capacitor banks and transformers (harmonics).

  • Control and mitigation

    of harmonic resonances in the Common Connection Point (PCC) of electrical installations and ferro-resonances in power transformers.

  • Mitigation

    of sudden tripping of protection elements in electrical installations (earth leakage, overloaded lines, etc.).


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