Being a research centre ourselves, we know all about the challenges R&D&I entails, both within and beyond Spanish borders. That is why we are always on the lookout for new alliances with other technology centres and universities around the world to carry out projects that would not be feasible single-handedly.


Thanks to this close collaboration, where each centre and university puts forward its own expertise in a given scientific field, we are able to get involved in the main research funding programmes.

We also foster various forms of collaboration with other institutions such as signing research agreements to explore specific topics, organizing scientific conferences and events, or exchanging researchers and expertise.

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    We enable other research centres and universities to take part in collaborative projects at all levels: regional, national and international.

    Collaboration in research

    We encourage collaborative agreements with other research institutions to foster an exchange of knowledge and researchers.

    Funding for R&D&I

    We seek synergies to help materialize R&D&I projects by accessing research funding programmes and opportunities.

    Scientific dissemination

    We encourage other institutions to take part in and organize joint scientific events and conferences linked to the energy sector.

    Twenty-two doctoral theses


    Two of the projects we coordinate, which involve universities from Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, UK, the USA and elsewhere, have allowed a total of 22 researchers to write their doctoral theses about wind power and electric metrology.

    A university building in Turkey


    One of the buildings at Özyeğin University in Istanbul was built as part of a European project coordinated by CIRCE. The building was designed according to a methodology developed by us along with our partners to create low energy consumption buildings.

    More efficient industrial furnaces


    In collaboration with acclaimed European R&D centres such as Tecnalia and Fraunhofer, we have developed a series of solutions to design more efficient industrial furnaces featuring elements such as phase-change materials, advanced monitoring and control systems, or a holistic forecasting tool.