Reliability and continuity of electricity supply

CIRCE has more than 10 years of experience working for the reliability and security of Power Systems (generation, transmission and distribution), using the most advanced software tools to carry out all kinds of studies for planning, setting, coordination, analysis and maintenance of the protective system of the network.

  • Protection relay setting calculation and coordination studies.
  • Analysis of conditions, operation criteria and automation of the network.
  • Modelling of protection devices and fault detectors.
  • Training courses for users of the software tools.


  • Obtaining

    setting parameters for protection relays and fault detection devices of the Power System with the aim of protecting it according to the system operator (TSO o DSO) criteria.

  • Enhancing

    planning and operation of the electric distribution / transmission system, taking into account its characteristics.

  • Analyzing

    events causes and proposing solutions to avoid them and in any case prepare the system to be resilient against the analyzed events.

  • Design

    of algorithms for: protection, fault detection and restoration of power supply.


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