ALMAGRID: Integración de tecnologías avanzadas de Almacenamiento de Energía para aplicaciones de red

  • Fechas: January 2020 – December 2023
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  • Leader: CDTI
  • Grant agreement number: This project has received funding from the Red Cervera’s research and innovation programme under grant agreement CER-20191006.
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The ALMAGRID initiative, recognised by the CDTI as a Cervera Network of Excellence, revolves around an axis of technological development reinforced by a series of complementary activities necessary to reinforce the strategy.

For this reason, a circular flow diagram has been proposed, where all lines of activity are permanently open –subject to periodic deliverables to monitor progress-, encompassing a total of six main work packages.

Package 1: General Identification of Storage Network Applications; generic KPIs identification

Package 2: Definition of Storage Technologies

Package 3: Selection of Use Cases

Package 4: Technological Development

Package 5: Validation, Economic and Environmental Analysis

Package 6: Transfer of Results and Identification of opportunities and cases of interest for the Spanish industry


Main Objective:

The CERVERA NETWORK “ALMAGRID: Comprehensive development of advanced Energy Storage technologies for grid applications” arises with the general objective of contributing to the achievement of the challenges posed by technological and market developments, related to electrical storage technologies that allow ensuring the required level of flexibility for the distribution and transmission of electricity. Through a Strategic Collaboration Plan, the ALMAGRID NETWORK aims to train the 4 Centers that comprise it (CIDETEC Energy Storage, Tekniker, Circe, ITE) so that they evolve from an initial situation of individual excellence, with partial scopes in the business fabric until a final situation of reinforced excellence and coordinated efforts that maximize the impact of the results generated and position the NETWORK as a benchmark in the sector.


Project Results:

  • Objective E1: Strengthening the research and development capacities of CIDETEC Energy Storage, TEKNIKER technologies; CIRCE and ITE
  • Objective E2: Increase in collaboration capacity in the field of the network
  • Objective E3. Increase in the transfer capacity to the industry of the sector
  • Objective E4. Increased dissemination capacities
  • Objective E5. Increase in training capacities and recruitment of talent
  • Objective E6. International positioning of the ALMAGRID NETWORK


CIRCE considers that the ALMAGRID NETWORK and the interactions that arise in it are aligned with its strategy as follows:

  • In electricity networks: Generate a reference framework for the operation and evaluation of a large number of electrical storage technologies, including facilities for their testing and validation before reaching the market, thus allowing their integration into the network.
  • In Environmental Assessment: Generate a database for the use and end of life of batteries that is broad enough to be used by manufacturers in the evaluation of their technologies in order to improve their design


Objectives of Technological Positioning of CIRCE in the ALMAGRID NETWORK

  • T12 Objective: Define, model and validate use cases considered highly relevant for Cervera technology.
  • T13 Objective: Generate a set of KPIs and variables for the evaluation of storage systems classified by importance and correlation.
  • T14 Objective: Commissioning of a laboratory for testing storage elements under real electrical network simulations.
  • T15 Objective: Improvement of the environmental laboratory to cover the end of life of batteries and the management of their waste.
  • T16 Objective: Generation of a database to calculate the environmental impact associated with the use and end of life of the technologies covered by the Cervera ALMAGRID network.
  • T17 Objective: Development of a methodology that allows improving the design of batteries at their end of life through their environmental analysis.


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