AVER - Optimization and demonstration of a new vertical axis wind turbine for microgeneration

  • Dates: September 2011 – December 2014 
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  • Leader: CIRCE 
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After the publication of the Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP) there will be a difference in management between small and large-scale wind power. Currently, there are several Spanish manufacturers that offer low-power horizontal axis wind turbines but few offer vertical axis turbines.

With this project the aim is to optimise a mini wind turbine as well as demonstrating its functionality as a micro-generation system. To this end, new optimised wind turbine components will be developed to run with aerodynamic wind turbines. As regards the demonstration of functionality, four operation scenarios are put forward, with four demonstrators, in which the wind turbine acts as a micro-generation system on its own or combined with photovoltaic solar power and integrated storage.

Some of the key elements of the project are the development of a permanent magnet electrical generator, designing and developing control electronics, implementing a control, monitoring and communications system, and validating and verifying optimised wind turbines and demonstrators


The main goal is to optimise the running of a mini vertical axis wind turbine and prove that this kind of technology can be used in electrical microgeneration.

Other objectives include developing and demonstrating various pieces of technical equipment, such as the electrical generator itself, improving the competitiveness of businesses involved in the project and contributing to the participation of renewable energy in the electrical production mix.


CIRCE will work on developing and optimising the wind turbine’s components, specially focusing on the design of all the power electronics, which will enable them to interconnect with the wind turbine. It will also work on developing monitoring systems to ensure the connection is reliable and efficient.


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