CIRCE teaches this course online, with an intensive program of 125 hours, from October 22 to December 10

The continuous technological evolution of the electricity sector is reflected, among other aspects, in the growing deployment of smart grids or Smart Grids, which contribute to a more efficient, rational and safe use of energy. However, this in turn requires the incorporation, in the electrical networks, of the latest information and communication technologies (ICT), to enable the bi-directional exchange of data, an essential capacity in the interaction required by these new services.

As a consequence of this road map, the international standard IEC 61850 was born, designed for the implementation of these solutions in the internal networks of the electrical substations. However, its versatility has also made it extend to Smart Grids, renewable energy or electric vehicle systems.

CIRCE, as a specialized center in the electrical networks sector and, especially, in electrical substations and in this communications protocol, has been teaching a specialization course focused on this standard for several years.

After eight editions, CIRCE has launched again this intensive course of 125 hours, which characterizes it as the most extensive in our country about this standard. The course will take place between October 29 and December 17 in online mode, to facilitate the monitoring of students.

Thanks to this program, participants will acquire the necessary technical skills and abilities to plan, analyze and maintain configurations of control systems and protection of electrical systems using the IEC 61850 standard.

An online platform will allow students to have all the course contents, additional resources and discussion forums for each thematic unit. Throughout the process you will be under the supervision of CIRCE experts in this area.