• Dates: January 2020 – December 2023
  • Project web: www.enerisla.es
  • Leader: CIRCE
  • Grant agreement number: This project has received funding from the Red Cervera’s research and innovation programme under the grant agreement CER-20191002
  • Financed by


The ENERISLA initiative, recognised by the CDTI as a Cervera Network of Excellence, aims to develop the necessary technological capabilities to initiate the implementation of isolated 100% renewable microgrids and, taking advantage of the development of the energy system as well as the ambitious policies on climate change that many Autonomous Communities have already undertaken, to bring to companies in the Spanish electricity market both the knowledge and the new solutions that allow them to improve their competitiveness in this new energy landscape.


The Red Cervera ENERISLA has been established with the aim of bringing together the research capacities necessary for the development and achievement of isolated energy systems based on 100% renewable energy, for which the technological development and transfer of knowledge to companies and other relevant actors in the implementation of these energy systems is essential.
To this end, all the technologies developed by the group within the framework of the pillars and lines of activities mentioned above will be integrated into the ENERISLA Demonstrator. Thanks to this, these developments can be validated in a simulated and controlled operational environment, thus avoiding possible failures or damage when demonstrating them under real operating conditions.
Finally, in addition to the technical objectives previously described in the various lines of activity of each pillar, the strategic objectives of the network are detailed below:

1. Objective in technology transfer to relevant companies within the network 2.

2. Objective in the promotion of R&D&I through international opportunities.

3. Objective in the expansion of the network through its internationalisation.

4. Objective in knowledge transfer within the scope of the Cervera network.

5. Objective in the generation and dissemination of new knowledge


  • CIRCE will work on the development of “grid forming” control techniques to provide some of the converters connected to the hybrid grid with voltage control, inertial response and primary frequency control capabilities. As a first approach, the State of the art of grid forming control techniques will be carried out. The subsequent activity will be the development of the grid forming control algorithm.
  • CIRCE will work on the development and simulation of SST (Solid State Transformer) device control techniques for use as a connection point in stand-alone DC and/or hybrid grids.


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