FuturEnviro, a media specialized in the energy and environment sector, has published an article on the AgroinLog project, coordinated by CIRCE, with the ultimate goal of strengthening the European agribusiness sector.

The European AGROinLOG project, coordinated by the CIRCE R&D center, manages to increase productivity and diversify the activity of three agro-industries by transforming waste into new high-value bioproducts.

Improving the competitiveness of agribusinesses, creating new business lines, taking advantage of their waste, their costs and their environmental impact, as well as maintaining employment in periods of low activity are the challenges of the European AGROinLOG project, initiatives funded by the European Commission through of the Horizon2020 program with 6 million euros, and in which 15 European partners participate.

In the attached document you can find this article, and the full number of the magazine is available at the following link: https://futurenviro.es/digital-versions/2019-03/files/assets/basic-html/index. html # 1