O2GEN - Optimisation of oxygen-based CFBC technology with CO2 capture

  • Dates: October 2012 – October 2015 
  • Leader: CIRCE 
  • Grant agreement number: 295533 
  • Funded by



Oxyfuel combustion is based in the combustion of coal within a controlled atmosphere of pure oxygen, obtaining a gas flow composed exclusively by CO2 and water steam. Condensing the water steam, it is possible to isolate the CO2. Once the CO2 is separated, it can be used for different applications which are being currently internationally developed or can be injected in the ground avoiding its emission into the atmosphere.
Demonstration of the second generation of technologies based in oxyfuel combustion carried out at O2GEN will comprehend the following 4 stages:
  1. Identification of inefficiencies in 1st generation oxyfuel technology and data generation for the 2nd generation
  2. Development and demonstration of each sub-process, and equipments and components from the 1st generation oxyfuel technologies, such as the Air Separation Unit, the bolier or the
  3. Process integration.
  4. Optimization of integrated overall oxyfuel process with CCS and drawing conclusions for large scale replication in power plants

 The new models validation will be carried out through laboratory scale tests at VTT facilities, and at CIUDEN pilot plants located in its facilities in León.


The project objective is to demonstrate the concept of the second generation of thermal power plants based in oxyfuel combustion technologies. This process is able to reduce significantly (around 50%) the overall efficiency penalty generated in the power plants due to the addition of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) systems (from approximately 12 to 6 efficiency points).

Thus, O2GEN will contribute to the European energy goals established by the SET-Plan, by means of a 90% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the efficient use of renewable energy (biomass) co-fired within a proportion around 20%, and the increase of the energy efficiency of CCS systems around 50%.


CIRCE will be in charge of the coordination and supervision of the project during its 3 years of execution, in order to facilitate the communication between partners and to ensure the accomplishment of the periods of time established for each task. In addition, CIRCE will carry out simulation tests for the identification of inefficiencies and possible improvements in the 1st generation oxyfuel combustion systems. It will participate in both, the design of new equipment, and the processes integration and optimization.

Lastly, CIRCE will head the dissemination and exploitation of the results achieved in O2GEN. It will ensure the highest impact of the project, as well as the development of an appropriate structure to guarantee the continuity of the project once it is over.


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