uP_running - Take-off for sustainable supply of woody biomass from agrarian pruning and plantation removal

  • Dates: April  2016 – June 2019
  • Project web: up-running
  • Leader: CIRCE
  • Grant agreement number: 691748
  • Financed by



uP_running pursues the abatement of the current immobilism of the value chain actors for the utilization of agrarian pruning and plantation removal (APPR) woody biomass. For that purpose uP_running incorporates a set of straight actions aimed to reshape the sectors perception on this issue.

An intense communication campaign will address the varied target audience with tailored messages and materials to raise the awareness. An impact on policy barriers and on the legal framework will be carried out through direct advocacy at national and EU level. Afterwards, a snowball effect will be triggered through multiplicative and dissemination actions. First, by creating a permanent capacity in Europe to give support for decision making to stakeholders.

Second, the newly created capacities will be put into operation in 7 EU countries (4 in a first stage, then extended to other 3) to promote the decision making of pioneer entrepreneurs.


uP_running project aims to unlock the European potential of woody biomass residues, obtained from vineyards, olive groves and fruit tree plantations, produced by Agrarian Pruning and Plantation Removals (APPR) and to promote its sustainable use as energy feedstock.

The specific objectives are:

  • To produce tools for industry and policy makers in government to set the instruments that will overcome the barriers for the advancement of the APPR wood in the bioenergy sector.
  • To create real evidence that biomass from APPR woody residues is feasible and can contribute to increase the competitiveness of agrarian exploitations and to reduce the environmental impacts of their residues.
  • Creation of a permanent capacity of consultancy for supporting the decision making of farmers, cooperatives and agro-industries in Europe.
  • Triggering the future self-development of the mobilisation of APPR wood to reach an utilisation rate of 50% by 2030.


In addition to coordinating the project, CIRCE will also coordinate the activities to be carried out in parallel in the four demo countries: from the demonstration planning to the monitoring of the new chains.

Other main works carried out by CIRCE will fundamentally focus in two main issues:
Provide technical support during the consultancy to entrepreneurs
Give support elaborating the capacity building manuals

CIRCE will also collaborate in other tasks regarding consultancy and support for decision-making in the outreach countries, sectorial analysis at regional scale, and dissemination activities


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