WOODE3 - Wood Energy Exploitation for entrepreneurship

  • Dates: June 2010 – December 2012
  • Project web: https://woode3.eu
  • Leader: CIRCE
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The WoodE3 project is framed within the MED programme, co-financed by FEDER funds and designed to present favourable solutions and possibilities for obtaining and using forest biomass in the Mediterranean Basin.

The growing interest shown in this resource will represent an increase in the use of wood, bringing about a positive effect both in the transformation sector (paper mills, wooden boards, sawmills) and in the energy sector.

Due to the sector’s complex and multidiscipline character, which includes forestry, agriculture and rural development, there has been a fragmentation of knowledge.

The priority is to reinforce the competitiveness of the forest biomass sector by means of sustainable rural development, and to increase awareness among the sector’s agents: public and private forest owners and their associations, businesses and companies in the forest and energy sector, and public and private organisations.


The main goals sought in the Project focus on:
• Promoting territorial and social cohesion, as well as sustainable development in the sector
• Encouraging synergy between the sector’s businesses
• Gathering information in an On-line database
• Promoting forest biomass as a renewable energy source
• Developing tools for advice and decision-making


Servicio de asesoramiento, apoyo técnico y coejecución de las tareas de innovación comprendidas en las componentes 4 y 5 del proyecto europeo WOODE3 – Wood Energy Exploitation for entrepreneurship


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