SOFIAS - Software de funciones integradas para una arquitectura sostenible

  • Dates: June 2011 – May 2014 
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  • Leader: CIRCE 
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Some of the main reasons why the software proposed in this project is so innovative are: that it makes it possible to quickly and easily identify vital points in terms of materials, systems or processes in the building’s life cycle; that it will help optimise the building by showing the effect of changes in its design in a dynamic way; or that it will provide information on how to reduce the environmental and financial impact entailed by its life cycle.

Currently, no other tool on the market performs all of these functions at once, which makes combining them all in a single platform that is accessible on the net an innovative and ambitious proposal. The project is aimed at different participants in the construction sector in order to help them reduce the environmental impact of buildings and use reliable and verifiable information to justify this reduction.

The phases covered by this project range from coordination, through the functional and technical design of the software, to carrying out tests and validation. The final stage will focus on making the project and its results known.


Designing and developing an experimental prototype of software to assist the sector’s professionals in designing and restoring buildings with lower energy consumption, lower GEI1 emissions and a lower environmental impact during their entire life cycle. To this end, the software will combine functions such as assessment, ecological design assistance, and emitting energy and environmental certificates.


CIRCE will actively take part in the Project coordination, participating in the management committee, to ensure the accomplishment of the established schedule.

CIRCE will coordinate the task that will carry out the integrated tests of the system, by means of the execution of test cases developed over a representative sample of real scenarios.

In addition, will participate in the subactivties regarding the definition of calculation methods, ecodesing, and validation and certification of the building use.


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