EV-OPTIMANAGER- Charging Manager optimization demand

  • Dates: February 2015 – March 2019 
  • Leader: URBENER 
  • Grant agreement number: RTC-2015-4173-3
  • Financied by


The project will develop the products, hardware and software, and services necessary for any electric consumer, and especially those offering electric vehicle recharging services, to optimize their electric demand and reduce their expenses in the acquisition of electric energy. The aim is to improve the competitiveness of these companies and reduce their impact on the Spanish electricity system.

The solutions to be developed will have two main elements:

  • A local system that, located at the customers’ facilities, will be equipped with a local control centre that will determine the optimum consumption curve (at a lower cost for the customer-user) and, optionally, with a storage system.
  • A main element, which will be the Remote Control Centre, to act as a link between customers (load managers and direct consumers) and the electricity market.


The main objective of the EV-OPTI MANAGER project is the development and demonstration of a portfolio of products and services around electric vehicle charging, which will facilitate demand forecasting, consumption management, energy purchase and the accumulation-delivery of electric energy applied to production processes. In this way, the aim is to reduce peaks in electricity demand, ensure supply or the installation of new recharging points for EVs, such as the developments of the SIRVE project, in which CIRCE and URBENER have also participated.

These solutions will be flexible and customisable for each of the two types of customers:

  • The load managers of the system will be offered services and equipment for forecasting demand, consumption management, management of supply-purchases in the electricity market and electricity storage system.
  • Direct Consumers will be offered services and equipment for forecasting demand and managing bid-purchase in the electricity market.

In addition, as an additional result of the project it is expected to collaborate in the better management of the electric system and the development of infrastructure for the recharging of electric vehicles.

The result is a system (physical products and software + services) of management and control that includes all the functionalities to carry out an efficient management of the electrical energy and even functions of support to the network, helping to balance tensions and loads, to filter harmonics or to compensate reactive energy, among others.


CIRCE will provide the technical, scientific and innovative base on which all the work to be developed in the project around the aspects of power electronics, ICTs, etc.

The main demonstrator will be developed in the CIRCE facilities, which will serve to validate the models and prototypes achieved.

In addition, the CIRCE’s building has several loading points of different types for electric vehicles, where the different phases of the project can be tested experimentally. Thus CIRCE will be in charge of the development and implementation of the models for predicting electricity consumption, the algorithms for predicting the price of energy in different time horizons, or the storage system at local level.


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