The Spanish Technology Platform of Electrical Grids - FutuRed

  • Dates: January 2014 – March 2017
  • Grant agreement number: PTR-2014-0427
  • Funded by


The Spanish Technology Platform of Electrical Grids – FutuRed was created for the purpose of integrating all of the agents involved in the electricity sector to define and promote strategies at the national level to allow the consolidation of a much more advanced network capable of responding to the challenges of the future. Some of the most important activities at the platform are:

  • To develop the forward-looking paper of Spanish electrical smart grid. This document, published in 2012, indicates the vision of electricity sector for the year 2030.
  • To develop a strategic agenda or roadmap of smart grid technology development, which makes the vision of future of the grid a reality. First agenda was issued in 2008 and is under permanent review and update.
  • To develop a document on the impact of smart grids in Spain. This document, published in 2013, is seeking to quantify the economic, social and environmental impacts of the smart grid deployment at the country level within industry.
  • FutuRed has contributed to the national prioritization of energy technologies, which have been demanded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the Ministry of Industry, and seeks to assess what are the most interesting technologies in the future for national industry and energy.
  • The platform encourages collaboration between national agents in R&D sector to achieve collaborative projects, which make the established roadmap a reality. This is made by means of thematic workshops.


The main objectives of the platform are:

  • To collaborate with the companies of the electrical sector in Spain to allow them developing new products and services based on technology for the new scenario of electricity supply.
  • To cooperate with the authorities on regulation and policies to promote and facilitate the proper development of the sector
  • To reinforce the cooperation in R&D between utilities, technology providers and equipment suppliers, research institutions and universities.
  • To collaborate with institutions and social agents in training actions and best practices dissemination on the rational use of electrical energy.


CIRCE holds the Technical Secretariat of FutuRed Platform since 2011. The main services provided by CIRCE are:

  • Support as technical secretariat to ensure the proper functioning the platform towards achieving its objectives.
  • Alignment of stakeholders in the Platform to achieve the objectives and mission of FutuRed.
  • Coordination with the European Smart Grids Technology Platform
  • Contribution and technical support on the documents published by the Platform
  • Support to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness on the Smart Grid related issues
  • Coordination of the Inter-Platforms group for Smart Cities at Spanish level.
  • Coordination of the Inter-Platforms group for Energy Storage Technologies at Spanish level.
  • Organization of Workshops and General Assembly