SUNBATT - Diseño y puesta en marcha de los equipos de gestión y carga de baterías de segunda vida y de la micro-red de SEAT

  • Dates: December 2014 – December 2015
  • Leader: ENDESA
  • Grant agreement number: CP_NAC_ENDESA_2016_SUNBATT_1
  • Financied by


SUNBATT project has developed a LivingLab in which to study and monitor the behavior of second-life EV batteries. This LivingLab is located on the premises of SEAT in Martorell, and it is connected to a distribution micro grid, that includes solar generation and electric vehicle chargers.
For the implementation of this demonstrator, it has been necessary to design and manufacture the container or storage of energy, which is hosting four second life EV batteries, and two 20 kW bidirectional converters that are connected with the batteries of SEAT and enable charging and discharging of these batteries into the grid.
On the other hand, being the demonstrator a real LivingLab, all the facility is monitored and managed by a SCADA system. This system communicates with an optimizer, which, depending on the operating mode, is responsible for taking decisions and the management of the demonstrator using intelligent algorithms based on economic optimizations.


The main objectives achieved by the project are:

  • Validation of the technical feasibility of the integration of second life batteries into the electric grid, using bi-directional converters and specific communication protocols developed in the project.
  • Manufacture of a demonstrator in which to carry out multiple tests for second-life batteries. By means of this  demonstrator experimental validations will be carried out regarding the use cases defined in the project, as well as  the effect of them into the ageing of the second-life batteries.
  • Definition of specifications for the development of 20kW bi-directional converters for storage energy storage, as  well as the communication protocol with second life batteries.
  • Integration of a microgrid optimization system into a real facility.
  • Knowledge to develop a new design of the container or energy storage more efficient and ergonomic, and less  expensive.


CIRCE has been in charge of the following tasks:

  • Development of two 20kW bi-directional converters with communications with the SEAT batteries
  • Specification of communications with SEAT batteries
  • Installation and commissioning of converters in the SUNBATT LivingLab
  • Development of the Monitoring and Management system (SCADA) of the demonstrator
  • Specification and implementation into the SCADA of the communications with the various elements of the  LivingLab (batteries, converters, network meters, photovoltaic converter…)
  • Installation and commissioning of SCADA in the SUNBATT LivingLab


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