We are firm believers in innovation and new technologies, which is why we at CIRCE are so keen to support technology companies looking to venture into this world, especially in the fields of renewables and energy efficiency.

As a cutting-edge R&D&I centre, we have taken on the role of encouraging start-ups to take part in regional, national or international research programmes. That way, they can access the funding they need to get their business models and innovation activities up and running.

Meanwhile, we can offer them a variety of services including advice on anything to do with energy, be it technology, regulations or finance, to help them grow steadily and sustainably.

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    Funding for R&D&I

    We help entrepreneurs to access the major international funding programmes so as to bring their research activities to fruition.

    Market guidance

    We assist start-ups and entrepreneurs in taking their products and services from the lab to the market.


    We provide guidance and support to implement energy and environmental plans and reduce their ecological footprint.

    Specialized training

    We offer professional training and qualification programmes according to specific topics and requirements.

    Collaboration in research

    We seek synergies and promote collaboration agreements to conduct top-level R&D&I activities.

    Customized guidance

    We offer technical, environmental and regulatory assistance as well as technological supervision to develop R&D&I activities.

    Collaboration to develop electric vehicle chargers

    We have signed a collaboration agreement with Wallbox, a start-up specializing in cutting-edge charging solutions for electric vehicles. The agreement involves working on R&D&I activities linked to the power electronics behind this technology and the system’s integration in the grid.

    New logistics chains for biomass in agriculture

    We have guided five farmers through the process of launching a new logistics chain at their facilities that involves using the waste from their crops to produce biomass and set up a new line of business, which results in diversification.

    More sustainable merchandising

    We have carried out a life-cycle analysis on the products sold by Dono Dare, a company that specializes in corporate merchandising, to calculate and quantify the environmental impact of their goods throughout the value chain and define measures to mitigate it.