We have various lines of R&D&I exploring new solutions to overcome the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow, especially in cities, where the negative effects caused by this sector are more serious.

Our solutions are transferred to society through the support and guidance we offer public administrations when developing their sustainable mobility plans on a local or regional level, as well as helping them to access funding and overcoming the technical issues involved in implementing them.

These measures address technological, regulatory, social, financial and environmental aspects, which includes supporting the deployment of electric vehicles and charging points, promoting public and shared transport, improving and optimizing transport networks, deploying infrastructures for more sustainable means of transport, and developing formulas to decentralize pedestrian and vehicle traffic flows.

By doing this, we provide support for urban areas ranging from a few thousand inhabitants to very large populations with a mass influx of tourists, such as port cities.

CIRCE is also available to advise companies wishing to implement sustainable mobility plans, either for employees or because they run large fleets of vehicles. Our support allows them to optimize routes and become more efficient, as well as reducing fuel consumption, minimizing their carbon footprint and boosting competitiveness.


  • Vehicle fleet management

We conduct energy audits to diagnose fuel saving potential, design an action plan and carry out the measures needed to deploy it.

  • Sustainable urban mobility and transport systems

We study urban mobility from a social, economic, environmental and energy efficiency perspective in order to optimize transport system efficiency and improve traffic flows, safety and quality of life in cities.



SIMPLA’s work-plan focuses on the establishment of a network of…

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SUMPs for the towns of Utebo and Monzón


CIRCE has been helping the Town Councils of Monzón (in Huesca) and Utebo (in Zaragoza) to implement the measures in their Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) so as to raise living standards for their inhabitants and reduce emissions of CO2 and other harmful gases such as NOx.

Study on the environmental impact of the tram in Zaragoza


CIRCE has conducted an environmental study for Zaragoza City Council regarding the operation and implications of running a tram line in the city.

Energy saving for Schindler’s vehicle fleet


The Schindler facilities in Zaragoza have turned to CIRCE for help to understand the environmental impact of their vehicle fleet and establish a strategy to optimize it, save fuel and reduce CO2 emissions.