Thanks to the deployment of an advanced data collection and monitoring system, we are able to supervise the overall running of a plant and each of its processes in real time. Behind this system is a set of software developed by CIRCE for each specific case. Using advanced algorithms to show and handle data clearly and intuitively helps to trace the process between energy production and consumption so as to make well-grounded decisions concerning energy.

Our R&D&I work also involves integrating renewable generation and/or storage systems in these industries and including them in the energy management tools applied. This way, each plant will be able to control its own energy flows.

As a result of our developments, industries in such diverse sectors as agri-food, chemicals and manufacturing will be able to undertake energy efficiency actions safely based on real-time information, affording them full control over their processes and energy flows.


  • Monitoring energy in industrial plants

We offer companies guidance on how to gather and analyse information regarding energy and processes so as to boost financial returns by digitising systems towards the Industry 4.0.

  • Real-time web SCADA: Control and supervision

A comprehensive system for advanced real-time monitoring and management of micro-grids and smart grid facilities.



SCOoPE focuses on energy-intensive agro-food industries to implement collaborative and…

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Real-time monitoring tool for over 30 European agro-industries


CIRCE has developed an energy analysis tool for the agri-food sector. The initiative included deploying the system and monitoring technical progress to measure performance in each process and plant. Up to 15% energy savings were achieved.

4.0 solutions to optimize tyre recycling


CIRCE has developed a system for SIGNUS based on big data to enhance efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of dealing with used tyres. As the main tyre managers in Spain, SIGNUS transforms them from waste into raw materials for new products.

Industry 4.0 facilitators


The Regional Government of Aragon has granted CIRCE the title of 4.0 Facilitator. This means we are recognized as an institution with the ability to provide Industry 4.0 solutions that encourage a more efficient use of resources and greater overall sustainability in the entire production process.