The energy sector is a highly competitive, complex and changing market, which urges businesses to adapt as technology, regulations and society evolve if they wish to optimize their profitability.

Ever at the cutting edge of knowledge, CIRCE is committed to investing part of its efforts in training professionals by sharing the insight gained from its R&D&I work, thus helping to drive a more modern and better-qualified productive fabric.

Thanks to our privileged position mid-way between research and business, CIRCE is always up to date with market trends in both directions. This, added to our many years of educational experience, puts us in the perfect position to offer the most suitable training solutions for every organization’s needs, with programmes that are made to measure by our experts.


City energy manager

Fleet management in companies, estates and parks

Energy saving and audits in business: energy efficiency in buildings and industrial processes

Implementation and use of standard IEC 61850

Sustainable urban mobility


Our expertise in energy training also allows us to provide excellent courses for public institutions.

This includes:

  • Planning and preparing training programmes for municipal technicians
  • Planning and/or imparting courses or modules for specific target groups organized by public institutions

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    Specialization in standard IEC 61850 for the major electric firms


    Over the past few years, CIRCE has delivered specialized training on standard IEC 61850 for some of the most cutting-edge power companies such as Gas Natural Fenosa, Mesa or Endesa, which includes applying the standard to substations, electric vehicles, smart grids or renewables.

    Over 1,100 agriculture and livestock farmers trained in energy efficiency


    When Spain launched the Energy Saving and Efficiency Strategy and the Regional Government of Aragon announced its Energy Plan, CIRCE was on-hand to prepare and train over 1,100 farmers on how to optimize the energy consumed by their machinery and facilities.

    Enhancing and optimizing wind farms for ENEL technicians


    CIRCE travelled to Madrid to teach a 30-hour course especially for Enel technicians to learn how to operate wind farms. The content, duration and timetable were adapted to suit the company’s needs and ensure as many technicians as possible could attend.