Validation test with RTDS Technology “Real Time Digital Simulator”

CIRCE has the capacity to carry out laboratory tests in real time for the study of the interaction of intelligent equipment with the electrical network. These tests allow obtaining information about the behavior of an intelligent equipment and its interaction with the network, helping its development, purification and validation prior to commercialization.

  • Function test of protection relays: Network short-circuit tests.
  • Test of saturation effect of measurement transformers on the operation of protection relays.
  • Network modeling for the study of equipment behavior under transient phenomena.
  • Testing of zone protection systems.
  • Testing of protection and control systems using communications protocols: IEC 61850, C37.118.
  • Study of potential risks to the electricity grid when new equipment is connected.
  • Reproduction of previous incidents and search for faults in equipment.
  • Effect of transients of start and stop of converters, energization of lines, connection of generators…
  • Other transient phenomena to be defined with the client.


  • Test

    Direct on the hardware of control and/or definitive protection or on its prototype.

  • Posibilities

    To carry out laboratory tests that in the field would be potentially destructive.

  • Anticipation

    The detection of problems in the laboratory, which allows a quick purification of them, avoiding possible damage to the equipment.

  • Large capacity

    Troubleshooting and debugging algorithms prior to installation, saving costs


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