Wind power is one of the major renewable sources worldwide and CIRCE has invested great effort in the technical, financial, social and environmental development of this important sector.

In fact, this is one of the longest-standing lines that our centre has worked on, with over 20 years of experience conducting R&D&I and sharing our knowledge with the business fabric.

Our expertise and service quality has allowed us to work for the major wind energy firms and wind farm promoters practically all around the world, with as many as 450 wind farms to manage across the globe.

The activities we carry out cover almost the entire value chain, from assessing a given site to monitoring production or operating and servicing a wind farm. We are also involved in various research projects that seek new solutions for future or existing facilities, including distributed and centralized generation.

All of these activities are geared towards the same goal: to optimize the performance of the facilities, boost their efficiency and profitability and make their energy mix less dependent on fossil fuels.


  • Diagnosing wind power production and boosting performance

We carefully monitor and study wind power facilities so as to understand the intricacies of how their assets work. We support predictive maintenance to enhance performance and provide more reliable forecasting models.

  • Measuring wind power resources and assessing energy performance

We conduct wind power resource studies, measurement campaigns and site verification so as to minimize investment uncertainties for wind farm promoters.

  • Power curve

We are experts in conducting tests to see how well a wind turbine is really performing. We follow a working procedure that conforms to the latest international standards according to MEASNET and ENAC accreditation.


  • Diagnosing wind power production and boosting performance

We are accredited to conduct a wide range of low-power wind turbine certification tests according to international regulations and certain country-specific standards.



The main goal is to optimise the running of a mini vertical axis wind turbine and prove that this kind…

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AWESOME network aims to educate 11 early stage researchers in the wind power operation and maintenance (O&M) field

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Studying a wind farm in extreme conditions


CIRCE has been lending technical assistance to several institutions in Ecuador to analyse the behaviour of the Villonaco wind farm, which stands at an altitude of 2,700 m, in order to discover how extreme weather conditions affect power production.

More than 60 wind farms analysed monthly


Every month, CIRCE monitors production and performance at wind farms all around the world, totalling 870 wind turbines, to help enhance their productivity and anticipate any technical faults.

WINDSEPE – The remote display tool


CIRCE has launched a diagnosis service to enhance wind power generation by analysing the details of how a given asset works and improving plant performance by up to 3%.