Energy Integration of Processes for Solid Looping CO2 Capture Systems

Autores: Lara Doñate, Yolanda; Lisbona Martin, Maria Pilar; Martinez Santamaria, Ana; Romeo Giménez, Luis Miguel

Año publicación: 2017


Código: CP-1070

ISBN: 978-1-119-10644-9


Book: Process Systems and Materials for CO2 Capture: Modelling, Design, Control and Integration. Chapter: Energy Integration of Processes for Solid Looping CO2 Capture Systems. Among new emerging proposals for CO2 capture, high temperature looping systems have a main advantage due to the significant amount of energy that may be recovered, thus promoting low energy penalties. Heat integration plays, therefore, an important role in the future deployment of these technologies. The following chapter is devoted to defining the strategies that minimize the capture energy penalty of the solid looping CO2 capture systems, which have been divided into three main groups: the internal integration, oriented to recover energy inside the capture cycle, with the aim of reducing the energy requirements; the external integration, which recovers the energy of the capture system and produces power, either by retrofitting the existing power plant, or by defining a new one; and the industrial symbiosis, aimed at taking advantage of the solid looping waste heat and sub-products in industrial processes, even fostering different processes to occur in the same reactor.

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