EV charging infrastructure in a petrol station, lessons learned

Congreso/Conferencia: INDEL 2018 – International Symposium on Industrial Electronics. Banja Luka (Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Autores: Fernandez Aznar, Gregorio; Torres Tenor, Jesus; Cervero Garcia, David; Garcia Martinez, Eduardo; Alonso Tejedor, Miguel Angel; Almajano Francoy, Juan; Machin Lopez, Samuel; Sanz Osorio, Jose Francisco; Bludszuweit, Hans;

Año publicación: 2018

The electric vehicle (EV) is considered as one of the most promising solutions to important problems of the current mobility model: high energy consumption (low efficiency), air pollution and dependence of fossil fuels. Despite its significant benefits, a massive deployment of electric vehicles could create important issues in the electric system, mainly in distribution grids: saturation due to increase of electric demand and power quality deterioration. Moreover, owners of EV charging facilities need to increase contracted power with an extra-cost of operation. In this paper, a show case is presented, how to install a complete EV charging station in an existing petrol station, solving power quality problems and without increasing contracted power.