About Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are a useful tool for companies seeking to accredit and communicate the environmental excellence of their products. Through them, organisations can transparently communicate their environmental profile and compare their products, services or processes with others in the same category.

Furthermore, EPDs provide reliability and relevance, as the whole process, based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) information in accordance with the international standard ISO 14025 and quantifiable environmental data, includes a final verification by an independent third party.

EPDs are spreading to more and more productive sectors, with construction and energy being some of the most widespread, sometimes as a way to comply with current legislation and sometimes as a requirement to export their products.

Would you like to do the EPD of one of your products?

What does an EPD bring to your company?

Differentiation vis-à-vis customers and suppliers.

Facilitate and increase the commercialisation of your products.

They are used in private and/or public procurement.

Valid and independent verification for the client.

Steps to get a verified (and published) EPD

  • Check the existence of a reference Product Category Rule (PCR) that includes the type of product for which the EPD is to be developed.
  • Define the objectives, scope, system boundaries and functional unit of the LCA study.
  • Draw up the Life Cycle Inventory of the system.
  • Assess the environmental impact.
  • Draft the LCA report.
  • Draft the EPD.
  • Pass the EPD verification audit.
  • Register the EPD on the Scheme website.

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    How long will it take me to get the DAP verified?

    If your process of verifying an Environmental Product Declaration starts from “Stage 0” as indicated in the scheme above, an estimated average time would be 16 weeks. Bearing in mind that this duration will depend on the sector, the product, the previous information, and other factors that will make it possible to lengthen the process, or to comply with it.

    I am already verified, how long will it last?

    Once the EPD has been registered on the scheme’s website, the verification will be valid for 5 years and you will be able to present it to customers and partners as proof of the product’s environmental footprint.

    What does the DAP bring to my organisation?

    Organisations that follow the EPD guidelines prove to be reliable and trustworthy companies, providing an environmental profile that can be verified and offering products that are proven to be environmentally friendly.

    How do I know if it is applicable to my organisation's products?

    EPD is applicable to a large majority of product categories, from chemicals to construction products for example, and offers a transparent and impartial way of communicating the environmental impact of a product. Don’t know if your company’s product can be EPD’d? Ask us in the form below!