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September 2020 - August 2024

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Description and objectives

TIGON aims to facilitate the implementation and seamless integration of smart direct current (DC) grid architectures within today's power system, while providing ancillary services to the main grid.

In this regard, TIGON's four-tier approach seeks to improve the reliability, resilience, performance and cost efficiency of hybrid grids.

To achieve this, TIGON relies on a consortium of 15 relevant partners at the European Union level, forming a multidisciplinary team with a balanced distribution between research organizations, associations and companies.

The consortium addresses the needs of the project by developing innovative DC technologies in two main demonstration sites in France (new PV plant topologies) and Spain (battery storage systems), together with use cases in a Finnish residential area and the Sofia (Bulgaria) metro system (pilots) to analyze and consolidate the replication of the project development further.

Value proposition

  • Solid-state transformer: a multilevel power electronics device used to connect two electrical networks with different voltage levels. This transformer consists of a mid-frequency transformer and AC/DC converters, which are enabled to control terminal voltages and currents and manage active and reactive power flows.
  • SiC DC/DC converters: Innovative SiC WBG DC/DC converter topologies with improved efficiency and power density for better conversion ratio in DC-based architectures.
  • DC protection schemes: general DC protection scheme covering both the medium and low voltage sides of the hybrid grid, optimizing the use of the protections currently available on the market.
  • Medium-voltage direct current (MVDC) photovoltaic plant: upgrade of solar plants for direct MVDC production, thus optimizing their configuration and production efficiency.
  • WAMPAC system: monitoring and protection system whose main purpose is to control the stability and safe operation of the entire system through measurements collected from different points of the microgrid.
  • PPI Strategy: CIRCE will fully own the algorithms and strategies developed for the WAMPAC definition. Technical know-how will be used as an intellectual property protection strategy. 
  • Energy management system: operating modes and strategies integrated into a control software capable of managing hybrid grids, optimizing their energy flows and maximizing system efficiency.
  • DSS tool for DC grids: software tool that will provide guidelines and simulations facilitating the planning of grid expansions or the development of new hybrid grids across the European Union.
  • Cyber defense system: cyber defense framework that will enable the protection of digitized hybrid DC networks against potential cyber-attacks, as well as the identification and correction of vulnerabilities.

Project partners

CERTH (Greece) / CARTIF (ES) / CEA (French Demosite) / CIEMAT (Spanish Demosite) / EFACEC (PT) / UBITECH (BE) / AKUO (FR) / PREMO (ES) / HYPERTECH (Greece) / TUAS (Finland) / IEIT (Bulgaria) / METRO SOFIA (Bulgaria) / RINA (IT) / ICONS (IT)