VICTORIA – Vehicle Initiative Consortium for Transport Operation and Road Inductive Applications

  • Dates: September 2016 – December 2017
  • Leader: ENDESA
  • Financed by


The VICTORIA Project aims to develop the first dynamic inductive load system for a bus line in Spain through which buses are loaded without cables while moving. With a budget of 3.7 M€, the VICTORIA project lasts 21 months.

The project is tested on an electric bus operating in the city on line 16, making Malaga the first city in Spain to incorporate sustainable mobility into its public transport system. The bus is adapted by a triple charging technology with which it can be loaded by conventional method when stopped at the bus station at night (using charging points), it can be partially loaded at an inductive or cordless charging station as well as when it is moving on its route with inductive (cordless) charging equipment. The last two modes were carried out using special devices distributed along the bus route. Route 15 crosses the city parallel to the coast and also runs through Smartcity Málaga which integrates Smart technology. The e-bus can cover the 5 km of the route using this technology. Partial recharging increases the range of an e-bus compared to those buses that are only loaded at the bus station at the end of the day. This significantly improves the efficiency and profitability of the vehicle, with the goal of doubling the range of electric buses without affecting the operating companies.


VICTORIA aims to be a reference project in urban electric mobility, reducing or eliminating the technical and economic barriers that currently limit the implementation of electric vehicles:

  • To eliminate the limitation of the autonomy of totally electric vehicles.
  • Reduced weight and increased battery life.
  • Reduction of electric vehicle costs.
  • To reduce costs in the implementation of the inductive route.
  • Increase energy efficiency in vehicle charging.
  • Reduction of CAPEX/OPEX of electric vehicles.


Inductive Subsystems: Design and manufacture of dynamic induction equipment (primary, secondary, power electronics and management). Use and installation in the field. Adaptation of the vehicle. Grid connection and system dismantling.


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