The RTDS Laboratory is a fully digital transitory power system simulator, providing a highly cost-effective alternative to analogue/hybrid transitory analysers and simulators.

Thanks to the RTDS Lab, protection and control equipment can be tested in real time, making this the best tool for validating prototypes and devices by revealing the way the equipment will respond to all kinds of tests and transitory events.

Given that the simulation takes place in real time, physical protection equipment can be connected in a closed loop to the power system. In this flexible and controlled digital simulation environment, protection equipment can be exposed to practically any failure or operating condition. Closed-loop interaction between the protection system and the grid model affords highly relevant information on the performance of the relay diagram and its effect on the power system.

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    • Types of connections: synchronous and asynchronous, stand-alone or connected to the grid.
    • Converters for renewable energy production systems.
    • Energy storage systems.
    • Controlling, developing and testing power electronics.
    • Assessing micro-grid events.
    • Grid stabilisation systems.
    • Inductive coupling.
    • Electric vehicle charging systems and their impact on different electrical systems.