The Electric Metrology Lab (EML) dates back to 1983, when it was the only reference in the region for metrology and electric magnitude calibration activities.

The EML is fully compliant with UNE-EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards. In 1997, the lab received ENAC accreditation to study direct-current, low-frequency electricity, and went on to be certified in 2007 to conduct measurement tests on wind turbines and distribution grids.


Calibration Area

The EML is an ENAC accredited calibration lab with accreditation number 67/LC10.043, certifying it to conduct electric calibrations both inside the permanent lab and on-site at the client’s facilities.

The electric magnitudes it calibrates are:

DC and AC voltage.

DC and AC intensity.

DC and AC resistance.

Active and reactive power.

Basic grid quality parameters.

Test Area

The EML is an ENAC accredited testing lab with accreditation number 581/LE1265, certifying it to conduct measurement tests on wind turbines and distribution grids. It has also been accredited by Measnet to test power curves in wind turbines.
Wind turbine power curve testing and calibration is performed in the test area according to standard IEC/UNE-EN 61400-12-1, with ENAC and Measnet accreditation.
On-site grid quality testing is carried out with Class-A analysers under standards IEC/UNE-EN 61000-4-30 and UNE-EN 50160. This measures the following parameters: Frequency, voltage range, flicker severity, temporary surges, voltage gaps and discontinuance, voltage and current harmonics and interharmonics up to the 50th order.

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